Little Company of Mary visitor centre

Following a competitive pitch, we worked on the scriptwriting of AV and exhibition text for the Little Company of Mary Heritage Centre in Nottingham, designed by Event. Mary Potter was a remarkable woman who founded an Order of Sisters in Nottingham, inspired by a series of visions she’d had in her mother’s ordinary Victorian living room. The centre tells the story of the founder of the Little Company of Mary order of Sisters, and the impact of the order on the world today.

The Heritage Centre represents the spirituality of the Little Company of Mary, today and through history. Sisters devote a lifetime to this spirituality and its many levels of meaning. It was a challenge to do it justice in a Heritage Centre, where audiences include the very young and some who have no knowledge of Catholicism at all.

We approached the scriptwriting as a storytelling exercise, developing the characters and creating a sense of narrative anticipation. The scriptwriting explained Mary Potter’s life using the structure of a story with character arcs and cliffhangers. Complex concepts were explained authentically but simply, so that everyone would come away understanding this important story.

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