With the transformation of Merthyr Tydfil’s Old Town Hall into a new Arts Centre, the client was looking for an exhibition for the building’s public spaces that would tell the story of the town’s industrial history, grab attention and feel inclusive, as well as working well within a late nineteenth century building. We looked for a narrative that was unique to Redhouse, and that conveyed the hope and spirit of the town through its rising and falling fortunes.

Extensive consultation with local experts and local community groups was undertaken so that the narrative and content for the exhibition would be inclusive and responsive to local opinions and interests. We created a conversational story – one that encompassed different opinions and voices. Difficult stories and conflicting viewpoints were not avoided, but added to the richness of the narrative. The story is told across the public spaces of the Old Town Hall, using sound and grouped standalone stories to appeal to visitors using the café, theatre or on-site college facilities.

We worked with on the project with Nick Bell Design, delivering the interpretation plan, consultation, research, content development, scriptwriting and learning outcomes, as well as contributing to partnership development.

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