The University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham’s Director of Public Engagement asked us to create a strategy for a new tone of voice for all the university’s external communications. We went through a rigorous process, analysing the university’s current vision and intent against public perception, creating a bespoke tone of voice that would support and enhance their current and future strategy. Stakeholders across the university were consulted so that we could create a solid piece of work that would increase organisational resilience and improve effectiveness. We also created a series of guides to the new tone of voice, describing how to use it and explaining the process we had gone through, so the public engagement team could further improve internal stakeholder engagement with our work.

After the tone of voice guide was complete, we worked with the exhibition design team creating the inaugural exhibition for the university’s new public engagement centre, The Exchange, helping them to craft and hone the exhibition text in line with the guidance. Since then we have worked with the university on a regular basis, writing and editing all public event text so that it is warm, engaging and succinct.

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