Lockdown update

I’m still working – from home, as usual. Please feel free to get in touch for some advice or thoughts on a project – I’m more than happy to exchange a couple of emails or have a chat for free.

My writing and interpretation coaching is now online. If you’re interested in training now, give me a call for a chat. It’s hard to know what to focus on right now, but it’s not a terrible time to get your house in order ready to start afresh when we can all meet up again.

I realise that most heritage organisations rely on income from admissions, and from cafes and shops, and that this stopped overnight with little warning. There are some free process templates on my blog page that can help you get projects started when you were expecting to be hiring consultants or when key staff have been furloughed.

Finally, do bear in mind that there’s a lot you can do remotely and there’s a lot you can do on a small budget. I’ve linked to one example of a project that achieved a great deal for not much money, most of it with people working remotely and chatting on video calls. If there’s something you’re interested in developing and you have a small pot of money, now really could be the time.

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